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The overall ethos for my cooking is that it has to be IMPRESSIVE YET DOABLE. We all lead incredibly busy lives these days whether it is working 18 hours a day stuck in an office, running around like a mad 'un after 3 kids or trying to fit in watching 2 box sets in a weekend. Cooking should still be a part of it.  There is nothing better than enjoying a meal you have made with friends and family. I centre everything I cook around the love and joy of eating. An indulgence for me to indulge others; some would call me a feeder...   

With each of my recipes you will find this "IMPRESSIVE YET DOABLE" rating, to give you an idea of whether its something you can cook whilst half asleep and it will still impress the mother in law. Below is a little bit more about me.

I still have my first cookbook. The first thing I ever cooked from it was eggy bread. I loved it, the whole process - cracking the eggs, whisking it all up and the blistering bubbles that formed when it hit the hot oil in the frying pan.

“Mmmm” said Mum.

I cannot be sure whether it was a good ‘Mmm’ or a that-is-simply-revolting ‘Mmm’. Taking it as the former, I immediately felt rather smug. To think that cooking and feeding people could bring that much enjoyment to me and others was just wonderful. I was hooked.

20 years later and I have reeked havoc in many home kitchens (whilst probably bribing someone else to do the washing up) developing my own style of cooking as I go. Like most cooks I get inspiration from chefs, cookbooks, restaurants big & small, well known or not, travelling and people.

I cook all sort of things- some wholesome and healthy, others that have so much butter in, they could quite frankly cause hospitalisation. 

You will never find me calorie counting, making some sort of elixir out of chia seeds or baking brownies with avocado. It’s just not my style. 

So, please grab a fork and join me as I continue my culinary journey scoffing my way through restaurant menus, gobbling dishes straight from the pan and devouring my dishes with friends. And there will be no eggy bread, I promise.



How to contact me:

I am always open to trying, testing and reviewing new things so please do contact me at hello@emilyeats.co.uk or here if there is anything I can help you with. If I blog about products or experiences they will always about something I have a love for or interest in. They will also be 100% honest and frank. 

* I devise all my own recipes, if I’ve cooked or adapted someone else’s recipes, I will let you know.