"Merry Making" Matcha Margaritas with Sesame Seared Tuna and Miso Dipping Sauce

Our last leg of our Christmas caper around the world stopping in Japan with Matcha Margaritas and Sesame Seared Tuna for some Eastern festive promise

Twas' the night before Christmas (well nearly) when all through the house, the kitchen was stirring ready to feed all those mouths!

Another Christmas is here, they do sneak up on me so. 2 days to go and the madness seems to always ramp up a gear: the last minute dash to John Lewis, the panic that the mince pies may run out despite there already being 36 in the cupboard, oh and those people that just want to 'pop round'. Inevitably the pop round (whether you want to see the 'popper rounders' or not) will last a lot longer than you anticipated. A cup of tea will turn into a second cup of tea and a mince pie, and then a third, and before you know it is cocktail o'clock. Ring the changes instead of opening a bottle of plonk or having YET ANOTHER glass of prosecco and have a go at this matcha masterpiece.

Matcha is a natural antioxidant so I do feel like a mega wrong'un mixing this with tequila. However, it may interest you to know that it lowers cholesterol and boosts metabolism which can only be a good thing at this time of year - amiright?! It also contain jalapeno which too, is meant to speed up metabolism. Guys, I'm basically giving you a cocktail with mega health benefits *coughs*. You are welcome. Full of pastry, butter, sugar and all the good things this can only be the tonic you are in need of.

Matcha has a very natural earthy taste which goes hand in hand with the wonderfully fresh taste of seared tuna. The miso dipping sauce is deep and rich and really brings this cocktail and canape partnership together -  like Rudolph and Father Christmas. 

Talking of partnerships - big shout out to Postcards Home for joining me on this little trio of blog posts. They have ensured that all these food pics look super luscious with their array of homewares and table decor. Featured this week is the Zen Onsen Cushion £45 which we have used as a table cloth.

So that's all from me this year my cherubs. Thank you for joining me in 2016. I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and lots of good fortune for the New Year. Now go and sit down, grab one of my cocktails and eat an entire brie. See you in 2017!!

"Merry Making" Matcha Margaritas

75 ml matcha green tea

50ml white tequila

Half a lime

2/3 slices jalepeno

Squeeze of honey

1/4 tsp matcha powder

Salt and lime slice to garnish

1) Muddle the lime and jalepeno in the bottom of a cocktail shaker.

2) Add the green tea, tequila and honey. Add ice, put the lid on the shaker and shake for about 20 secs.

3) Run the other lime half around the rim of a champagne saucer, turn the glass upside down in a saucer of salt  and cover so you have a salty rim...

4) Strain the cocktail into the salty glass and garnish with a slice of lime.

Sesame Seared Tuna with Miso Dipping Sauce

Make 10-15 skewers

15 mini bamboo skewers

1 large fresh and sustainably sourced tuna steak

3 tbsp white and black sesame seeds

Drizzle sesame oil

1 tbsp mirin

1 tbsp rice vinegar

1/2 tbsp miso paste

1) Cut the tuna into 2cm squared lengths - so it looks like a rectangular block/baton, so when you cut it up you have squares of tuna.

2) Make a mixture of the white and black sesame seeds on a plate.

3) Roll your tuna batons in the sesame seeds.

4) Heat the sesame oil in a frying pan so it is smoking hot. Fry the tuna on each of the 4 sides until the white sesame seeds begin to turn golden - about 1 minute on each side.

5) Remove the tuna from the pan and slice into half cm slices and spear onto the bamboo skewers.

6) To make the dipping sauce mix together the miso, mirin and rice vinegar in a bowl so all is combined. 

7) Serve the sauce in a little pot or ramekin with a few sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Serve with the tuna skewers and a truck load of matcha margaritas.

Miso and Sesame Seared Tuna Bites 5.jpg